7 Ways to Set Up Your Pinterest For Business Success

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard that Pinterest is all the rage for growing your business. And let me tell ya, definitely believe the hype!

Pinterest is so powerful for any kind of business. It can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, increase sales, grow your email list and so much more! Can you tell I’m a #PinterestFanGirl?

The first step in making sure your Pinterest for business strategy is rockin’ is to set your Pinterest profile up correctly.

So let’s walk you through it, yeah? Here are 7 actionable ways to set up your Pinterest for business success.

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*Hey, friend! Just a heads up, you may find affiliate links in here for programs/products that are dear to my heart. But don't worry, I only recommend things to you that I love & use!

1. Create a business account

This might seem basic but there are so many people out there who didn’t know there was a business account for Pinterest! You’d be surprised at how many people on Pinterest who are trying to use their account for business still have a personal account...just because they don’t know about the benefits of switching to a business account.

With a business account you get loads of benefits like:

  • Free analytics

  • Rich Pins

  • Pin it button on your website

  • Promoted Pins

2. Activate Rich Pins

Rich Pins automatically pull info from your website and help make your Pins look professional, legit and valuable! They provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin.

So whether it’s an article, a recipe, or product, the higher your chances are of someone clicking on your Pin because of the important info already displayed on the pin.

Everyone wants instant and easy-to-skim info these days, right?!


3. Research your keywords

Okay, okay...so the first two were basics but this one right here is uber important. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is a search engine NOT a social media platform.

So keywords are either going to make or break your Pinterest strategy.

That’s why you have to take your time to research them. And the best part is that you can research them right inside Pinterest! Pinterest has a nifty little Suggestion Bar that shows you the most searched keywords related to what you just searched.


So let’s say you’re a wedding photographer in Orlando. A keyword that you might want to rank for is “orlando wedding photographer”. Now that you know that, go into Pinterest and insert those words in the search bar!

Now, you’ll see that Pinterest populates all the keywords that are most commonly searched with those words right below. And obvs you want to include some of these keywords in your boards, Pins and even bio.

So love on the suggestion bar, it’s your freakin’ friend!

4. Create boards that make sense for your brand

You may wish to create boards that align directly with what you cover in your business and may also wish to venture out a little.

Now, I’m all about showing that there’s a real person behind your brand but I think there’s should be a limit. If I’m looking for a wedding photographer, and I land on your Pinterest profile and see food recipes...I’m going to think I landed in the wrong place.

Again, feel free to get creative and add boards that a little out of what you cover but make sure that it’s not going to confuse people who want to buy from you!


5. Implement your keywords everywhere

I’m talking name, bio, board names, board descriptions, pin descriptions...all the things.

Take advantage of all the places that you can implement keywords because just having them in a few places isn’t going to cut it, friends!

6. Join group boards

Group boards are SO important if you’re just starting out. You’re going to want to focus on maximizing your reach since you’re starting from scratch and group boards will help you maximize how many eyes are seeing your Pins from the start.


Group boards are basically boards with more than one collaborator. There are group boards that have 5 collaborators and there are boards that have 1,000. But the group board technically belongs to the group board owner or whoever created it in the first place.

So whenever you Pin content to that group board, you’ll have all of their followers (for instance, in the board above 60K followers) seeing your content too. How freakin’ cool, right?!

7. Get on the Tailwind train

Tailwind is a game changer. I always tell every single one of my clients that Tailwind is a must if they want me to make magic happen on their Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with Tailwind, it’s a Pin scheduler and analytics tool.

This means it helps you saves time, optimizes your strategy and even increase your Pin’s reach with Tailwind Tribes.

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