How to use Tailwind Tribes to Explode your Website Traffic

If it wasn’t for Tailwind, I would be spending extra DAYS on Pinterest that I can’t afford to spend.

Time is money after all ;)

Using the power of Tailwind, I’m able to Pin a whole MONTHS worth of content in just 3 HOURS a MONTH.

Not only that, but Tailwind has amazing features that help you increase your content’s reach so that you can grow FASTER.

One of those awesome features that helps you grow your Pinterest tremendously is Tailwind Tribes.

Wanna know how they work?

Let’s get right into how to use Tailwind Tribes to explode your website traffic for your business.

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Tailwind Tribes are niche communities made up of Pinners who are there to share each others content.

Whenever you share a Pin to a Tribe, you open up the opportunity for someone to share your content to their own audience.

There’s an incredible factor of accountability with Tailwind Tribes because it ensures that Tribe members actually repin content from the Tribe instead of just sharing their own.

So what’s the purpose of using Tailwind Tribes? The purpose is to increase your content’s reach, while helping your Tribemates out and increasing their reach by sharing their content!

It’s a win-win for everyone!

You want to think of them like Pinterest group boards...but on steroids.

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  • Increased reach. When another Pinner reshares your content, you’re getting in front of new eyes & increasing your content’s exposure.

  • Never-ending supply of relevant content. Tired of looking for content in #alltheplaces that relate to your niche? Tailwind Tribes helps save you time but serving up fresh, relevant content instantly.

  • Track your results with Tribe analytics. Spend your time wisely by seeing which Tailwind Tribes are getting you the best results.

  • Strong, visible accountability. Having a sense of accountability helps you relax knowing that your content will be reshared so that you can focus on growth.

  • Opportunity to build relationships. Since you can see who is engaging with your Pins, it opens up an opportunity for you to find like-minded people in your niche.

With Tailwind Tribes you can see & keep track of:

  • How many of your own Pins you have shared in each Tribe

  • How many of other people’s Pins you have repinned from each Tribe

  • How many repins all the Pins you’ve ever shared have gotten in each Tribe

  • Who exactly is repinning your Pins

  • How much reach each Tribe is generating for your own content

Amazing, right? You definitely can’t see ALL that with group boards!

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As of June 2019, you can join Tribes for free and schedule your first 100 Pins in Tailwind for free. Here’s a special link to activate your FREE Tailwind trial plus $15 OFF your first month!

But let’s say you’re not ready to invest in Tailwind so what happens once you’re out of your free scheduled Pins?

You can still use Tribes for free! Yay!

Tailwind also recently came out with Tailwind Tribe PowerUps, which lets you upgrade to increase the number of Tribes you’re part of along with the monthly original content Pin submissions they allow you to make.

Here’s how the plans breakdown:

  • Free plan (even without a paid Tailwind account): Access to 5 tribes & 30 Pin submissions per month.

  • PowerUps: Plans start from $7.49 (monthly) or $59.88 (yearly) to upgrade to 10 Tribe memberships & 80 monthly Pin submissions. They have 2 other plans they allow you to increase that even more!

Pro tip: Submissions are the number of your own original content Pins that you share to Tailwind Tribes. For every 1 Pin that you share in a Tribe, that counts as 1 submission.


1. Under your Tailwind account, go to Tribes > Find A Tribe

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2. Insert keywords that are related to your brand in the search bar (i.e. business, wedding, food, health). Hit enter.

3. You’ll see that they’ll also show you related topics to help you find more results.

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4. Now, scroll down to view the results Tailwind has pulled up for the Tailwind Tribes in that niche.

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5. You’ll have 2 options to join: you can “Join Now” or you can “Request to Join”. The ones that you have to request are private so they require that you send a message to the Tribe owner first.


Usually, Tailwind shows you the Tribes that have the highest engagement in that niche at the top but there are still ways that you can filter out ones that won’t serve you:

  • Don’t join Tailwind Tribes that are for “all niches.” You want to focus on Tailwind Tribes that are super niche & that have your target audience in them. If you’re posting your content to a board that is a free for all, the less chance you have of interested, engaged people resharing it.

  • The higher the number of members & activity, the better. That means that the Tribemates are engaged & that the Tribe moves consistently with high activity.

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  • Peek at the Tailwind Tribe’s analytics first. You have the option to preview the tribe before you join so make sure to do this! Check out the content, does it look like something you would Pin to your account?

Then, check out the Tribe Overview analytics on the left hand column. The higher the number of re-shares & repins, the better!

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1. Send the Pins you want to schedule to your drafts using the Tailwind extension in your browser.

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2. Go to your drafts & click on “Add to Tribe” under each Pin.

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3. Now, choose the Tailwind Tribes that you want to share your Pins to & click on “Add to Tribe.”

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4. Remember to check your activity to make sure that you’re caught up with resharing other people’s content. Reciprocity is key!

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1. Under your Tailwind account, go to Tribes.

2. Select the Tribe that you want to Repin content from by clicking on the Tribe dropdown menu.

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3. Find the “New” tab or the “Weekly Highlights” tab to find fresh content.

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4. Try to repin content that is already popular. You can see how popular the Pin is by taking a look at the blue “hot streak” icon in the top right hand corner. You can also rank popularity by how many people have repinned it in the Tribe.

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5. Once you’ve found a Pin that you want to repin, insert all the boards that you want to send it to where it says “Type a Board Name”

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6. Once you’ve inserted all the boards, you can either click on “Use Interval” to scheduled the Pins at a certain time or click on “Add to Queue” to schedule it out in the next open time slots.

7. Keep doing this process until you’ve hit your repin goal!


It depends! If you’re coming out with 1-2 new blog posts per week, then the free version might not be enough to submit all your new blogs with just 30 submissions.

My clients have gotten awesome results without PowerUps but I do know that for some people, it has helped them grow faster depending on their niche.

I suggest starting out with the free plan & see how your content does.

If you see the need to add more, then upgrade but only if you find Tribes that look like they can really help you grow. (I talked about how to know if a Tailwind Tribe is good a little further up)

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I offer 1:1 Pinterest Strategy Sessions where I create a custom strategy for your brand & walk you through any struggles you’re going through. I also provide video resources to give your account the boost it needs & maximize your results.

There’s also a Q & A session so you walk away getting all your questions answered!