How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Photography Business

One of the industries near and dear to my heart is photography.

Why? Well, because the first big client I EVER got as a business owner was The Cotton Collective. And if you check them out, they really are as sweet & amazing as they seem.

After working on their Pinterest for almost 11 months now (and getting them AMAZING results), I became obsessed with how powerful Pinterest can be for photographers.

But I know how overwhelming it can be trying to figure out exactly what to do for your specific industry.


So that’s why I want to walk you through how to get awesome results for your photography business with PROVEN strategies.

Using these tips alone, I’ve been able to get results like these for my photographer clients:

  • An increase of 200% in website traffic

  • A 70% growth in their email list

  • New leads finding them through gorgeous weddings Pins!!

Convinced yet?

Here’s a breakdown of my top 7 best practices to implement to grow your photography business with Pinterest!


If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably heard all the big names RAVE about Pinterest and how you need to be on there.

The truth is: you do.

Here are a few reasons why photographers need to be on Pinterest:

  • Photography is one of the most popular topics on Pinterest

  • 85% of users (who are mostly women!) use Pinterest to plan their next “big life event” (think weddings, parties & babies!)

  • There are 3 billion wedding pins on Pinterest alone

  • Pinterest helps you get NEW eyes on your work & website every single day who wouldn’t have found you otherwise


First things first, make sure you set up your profile for success by following these steps.

1. Get local & use location keywords wherever possible throughout your profile

This is probably the most important tip for photographers who are trying to attract local clients!

As you may know, Pinterest is a visual search engine and because of that, using the RIGHT keywords is going to get your content found.

And if you’re trying to attract local clients, using your location is crucial for getting found.

So let’s say you’re a wedding photographer based in Orlando, you want to include “Orlando Wedding Photographer” in your name, bio, board titles and Pin descriptions.

You might even think about including a board called “Orlando Wedding Venues” to attract your local audience to your profile.


The important thing to remember is that not only will people be able to find you through these local keywords, but that these words also tell Pinterest what your content is about so they can show it to the right people!

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2. Create boards specifically for your photography & boards that will attract your target audience to your profile

When creating boards, think about your ideal client. Who are they? Are they a bride, mom-to-be or a business owner? How can you help them? How can your boards serve as a resource hub for them to help them on their journey?

You can create boards based on what you photograph and blog about.

For a wedding photographer, this could be separate boards for each element of a wedding, such as engagement sessions, dress, rings, ceremony, reception, etc.
Portrait photographers might create separate boards for headshots, families, children, studio, location, etc.

Here are some other ideas to get the ball rolling (remember to do your keyword research here!) :

  • Maternity & Baby Bump Photography

  • Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

  • Wedding Reception Decorations

  • Family Pictures Poses Ideas

  • Newborn Photography

  • Outdoor Wedding Venues

  • Local boards. For example, Seattle Wedding Venues or Florida Family Photos Picture Ideas.

3. Don’t just focus on your beautiful images - create helpful content for your audience

I think a lot of photographers just want to get their images on Pinterest and then peace out. But the beauty about the platform is that people on Pinterest WANT to learn something new and get inspired.

That’s why I’m a big advocate in supplementing your beautiful images with a content marketing strategy that educates your target audience and helps them in some shape or form.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, Pinterest users are seeking solutions to their problems and we need to deliver that!

One of my photographer client’s top performing Pins that are driving the bulk of her traffic right now are ALL educational blog posts that help new brides on their planning journey!

If that’s not enough reason to start creating some free, consistent, educational content now, my friends, then I don’t know what it is!

Content marketing can look different for everyone but some ideas to get started are blogging, podcasts, videos and masterclasses.


4. Use your profile as a resource for your dream audience

Pinterest is a place of inspiration for your target audience. So let’s treat your profile as such!

In order to turn your Pinterest profile into a hub of resources and inspiration for your target audience, you can:

  • Repin other people's content if it’s going to be valuable for your target audience & treat it as a supplement to your content

  • Create boards that tap into the pain points your audience has that they want to solve

To take it a step further, you can even use your profile as a portfolio that you lead clients and potential clients to so they can get inspiration for hairdos, outfits, poses they like, locations, etc.!

5. Join niche, specific group boards & Tailwind Tribes

You want to be joining group boards and Tailwind Tribes that are specific to your niche.

So if you’re a wedding photographer, you need to be looking for boards & tribes that are wedding related. If you’re a brand photographer, you need to be looking for boards & tribes that are brand related.

If you join boards that sway away from your niche, the lower your chances are for people repinning your content - which means, less website traffic!

You’re going to get way better results if you join group boards that have your target audience in them because this way, you can get right in front of them.

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6. Use your website to turn cold visitors into warm leads

Does your website easily tell your visitors how they can take the next step?

Getting traffic to your website is one part of Pinterest, the other part is making sure your website is optimized and ready to turn that traffic into tangible results like email subscribers, leads & bookings!

Here are some ideas to turn visitors into raving fans:

  • Create high-value content that takes your dream target audience from point A to point B so that you position yourself as an expert in your industry

  • Promote your services & have Call To Actions in your blogs that lead them to learn more about how they can work with you

  • Create freebies to help solve a pain point so they sign up to your list

  • Create a nurture sequence for your email list so they can get to know who you are

  • Show your personality in your content & throughout your website so visitors can get a snippet of who you are

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7. Use Tailwind to automate & optimize your strategy for best results

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably got a to do list the size of Mt. Everest so I totally get that you’re probably freaking out about how much time you’ll have to spend on Pinterest.

But fear not, this is where Tailwind comes in!

Tailwind saves you DAYS by allowing you to automate your Pinning so you never have to worry about manually Pinning again.

Plus, they have robust stats that you don’t find anywhere else that you can use to know what’s working and what’s not so you can totally nail your strategy.

I Pin my own content & create a whole MONTH’S Pinning schedule in less than 3 hours PER MONTH with the help of Tailwind.

Yup, that’s like a quarter of the time I spent on other platforms.

Wanna see what the Tailwind hype is about? Here’s a link for a FREE trial plus $15 OFF your first month!


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