7 of the Best Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Run Their Online Business Efficiently

I’ve been running an online business for officially a year now...like what?! This year has flown by and it’s been incredibly rewarding, challenging, and exhilarating all at once.

One thing that has helped me immensely in this first year of business is investing in the right tools to help me run my business more efficiently. (pstttt...Pinterest is THE platform you want be on if you want to grow your business efficiently!)

I don’t know about you, but I created my business to LIVE more richly...and spending all day on the computer is definitely not what my “dream life” looks like.

*Hey, friend! Just a heads up, you may find affiliate links in here for programs/products that I'm diggin' right now. But don't worry, I only recommend things to you that I love & use!

So I purposely invested in the right online tools to help me stay organized, be more productive and run my online business with ease so I could enjoy more time outside of my biz without the stress.

Here are my top picks of online tools that every online business entrepreneur should have to run their business smoothly (spoiler alert: MOST of them are free!)


Guys, Dubsado is life changing. If you’re a service based entrepreneur, you need to get on the Dubsado train..like yesterday.

Dubsado is an all-in-one business management tool that allows you to send proposals, contracts and invoices, handle project management, track income, create questionnaires and other forms, create automated workflows, schedule meetings, track your time, send and receive emails and SO much more... all from ONE app.

I’ve saved HOURS of my life just by having everything all in one place, easily accessible, branded and ready for send off.


The awesome thing is that they’re constantly rolling out new features and their customer service is AMAZING.

You can even get on a free call with them so they can help you plan out how to use Dubsado efficiently for your business.

If you want to try Dubsado, totally risk-free, you can click here to get a free trial! Use my coupon code “goldenoasis” at check out to save 20% off your first month or year!


Asana is a project management tool so you can track and manage everything and keep your projects on course.

I use Asana mostly for managing my client processes, client communication, and keeping track of my own social media content.

Thanks to Asana, all my client communication is all in one place. My clients know what feedback I need from them, what deadlines we have coming due, and what I’m currently working on.


Before the start of every project, I send my clients a short video tutorial walking them through Asana so they’re prepped & ready to use it moving forward.

By having my client communication in one place, I can easily go in to each team project (client project) and know where we’re at in each phase. It also keeps our communication organized, streamlined, and efficient.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to establish boundaries with your clients so they’re not sending you 100 emails or trying to reach you on your personal phone.

So if you work with clients and need help streamlining your client communication (or just need help organizing all the moving parts in your business), you need Asana in your life!


You know those emails where you go back and forth trying to set up a meeting time? Calendly helps you get rid of ALL that unnecessary stress!

Calendly is a scheduler tool that links to your calendar to help you schedule meetings based on your availability with only a few clicks.


It has confirmation emails, time zone adjustments, buffer times in between meetings, meeting reminders, and you can even embed the scheduler directly on your website!

I’ve been using the free version of Calendly this entire year BUT now that Dubsado has a scheduler feature, I’m thinking of switching over to have everything in one place.

But if you’re not ready to invest in Dubsado, the free version of Calendly is perfect for you to help you schedule your meeting with ease.


You’re probably like, “Google Drive? Everyone uses Google Drive, Angela.”

Ok, ok...yes, they do. BUT it’s the way that you use Google Drive that makes the difference.

I use Google Drive to store ALL my client files and my own company’s files. Not only does this streamline my projects and client communication but it allows me to breathe easier knowing that everything I need is on my Drive, just in case something were to happen to my business baby aka my computer. *knock on wood*

Every time I start with a new client, I create a folder for them that is shared with them and it goes into my master folder called Clients.


Each client’s folder has all their onboarding materials and all the content that I create for them during our project.

Anything that they share with me or I create during our time together, goes into that folder for easy access.

This method of keeping my files and content organized by client in Google Drive allows me to find everything with ease and keep my business organized.

It also gives my clients a resource to go back to when they need access to it. It’s a win-win for both of us!


Let’s face it, our inboxes aren’t that fun to be in. But after I discovered Gmail canned emails, checking my inbox is a lot less tedious!


I create a canned email for things that I find myself sending over and over again. Of course, I leave room for personalization but the bulk of the email remains the same.

You can activate canned emails like this:

  1. In Gmail, click the Gear icon, then click “Settings.”

  2. Click on the “Advanced” tab.

  3. Find “Canned Responses”, click “Enable” and “Save” changes.

Now, to create an email template for a canned email, write an email like you would after hitting “Compose”.

After you’re done writing the email, hit the three little dots that say “More Options” (next to the trash) on the right hand side of the email window.

Find “Canned Responses” > “Save Draft As Template”> “Save As New Template.”

Using Gmail canned emails has saved so much time and given me back hours that I would otherwise spend in my inbox!


Being a Pinterest manager, of course I have to recommend my all-time favorite tool for marketing purposes. ;)

Tailwind is a scheduler & analytics tool that lets you schedule out your Pins AND your Instagram posts. I don’t use it for Instagram - I just it for Pinterest but either way it’s one powerful little tool.


Tailwind allows me to schedule out my Pin schedule for months in advance, streamlines my scheduling process, gives me optimal times to post, recycles my old content automatically, and posts FOR me.

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That means I’m promoting my content (and therefore my business) on one of the most popular search engines in the world all on AUTOPILOT.

Not to mention, it literally gives me back hours in my day when it comes to managing Pinterest accounts (and I manage A LOT of them!)

If you’re curious, try a FREE trial of Tailwind AND get $15 off your first month here!

Read more about why Tailwind is the holy grail for Pinterest (and why you need it in your life) here.


As a one-woman show (for now), I need to be able to design quick, beautiful graphics for my business with ease.

Canva is an online drag-and-drop graphic design tool that is FREE. I’ve found that it’s the easiest and most user-friendly tool to design my marketing graphics.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.54.13 PM.png

The best part is that ALL my graphics (& my client’s graphics) are stored online. They’re not taking up space on my computer and I’m not hyperventilating if for some reason I’m not by my computer & I need to get in there and create a quick design.

All in one place, all online - that’s the perfect combination for me!

So whether you need graphics for social media, Pinterest, email marketing or your website, Canva has thousands of made-for-you templates to help you create creative designs that align with whatever platform you need it for.

I already have templates saved with my branding which means that creating on-brand graphics is as easy and quick as ever with Canva.

I also love that it has the ability to create folders for your designs and pictures so you can keep everything organized and easily accessible!

So there you have it! I love love love these 7 tools and I’ve found that have helped me keep my online business organized, streamlined, and ready for massive growth!