3 Things You Need To Set Up in Tailwind to Maximize Your Pinterest Results

First of all, can I just say how much Tailwind has changed the game for Pinterest for business?

Before knowing how to properly use it, I used to spend hours every day pinning content. Now? I can schedule a MONTHS worth of content in a matter of hours.

On top of helping you completely automate your Pinning schedule, Tailwind allows you to:

  • optimize your strategy by giving you the best times to post

  • use their robust analytics to know what’s working & what’s not

  • maximize the exposure that your content receives

So instead of worrying that you’re not using Tailwind right (because it has a ton of features), let me break down how exactly to set up your Tailwind account so you can get your Pinterest for business strategy rockin’.

*Hey, friend! Just a heads up, you may find affiliate links in here for programs/products that I'm diggin' right now. But don't worry, I only recommend things to you that I love & use!


Tailwind is a scheduler and analytics tool. As a Pinterest-approved scheduler & tool, they have legitimate access to data shared by Pinterest’s API.

That means you don’t have to worry about it hurting your strategy or Pinterest shutting it down. Can ya say official?


Tailwind’s main feature is that it allows you to create your Pinning schedule based on the best times to post for your audience AND automatically posts the Pins for you.

With Tailwind’s browser extension, it makes creating your Pin schedule 100 times more efficient and optimized, since this feature allows you to schedule in bulk with one click.

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The basic plan is Tailwind Plus which is $119 per year, which is worth every penny for what it allows you to do with Pinterest.

But since you’re awesome & have landed on my little corner of the internet, here’s a link for a FREE trial plus $15 OFF your first month!

There are options to upgrade with Tribes Power Ups but honestly, most of my clients have the basic Tailwind Plus plan & it works great for them.

If you do decide to get a Tribes Power Up, the plan for $60 per year works fantastic & the increased exposure is totally worth it.


Once you create a Tailwind account, there are 3 main things you want to do to set your Pinterest up for success.

1. Set up your Pinning schedule

On the left hand side go to Publisher > Your Schedule. You’ll see this screen. This account (in the image) already has their schedule set up, but if you’ve never set it up before, when you login you probably only see about 5 Pin slots per day.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.34.23 AM.png

There is no golden rule to how many Pins you should be Pinning per day but if you’re starting from scratch on Pinterest, I recommend at least 30 Pins per day - 50 max.

The more reach & traction you get over time, you can start to evaluate your Pin schedule and Pin less times per day.

So to set up how many times you want to Pin per day:

  1. Find ‘Smart Schedule’ on the left hand side

  2. Click on ‘Recreate Schedule’

  3. Type in the number of Pins per day you want

  4. Click on‘Recreate Schedule’


Also, make sure to also confirm your Timezone on the left hand side!

I LOVE this feature because Tailwind generates a custom, optimized schedule for your brand using Pinterest data to determine when your audience is the most engaged. I mean, is that easy or what?!?

So whenever you want to change your schedule to either Pin more or Pin less, follow the same steps above and you’re all set!

You can also manually add or remove time slots to your schedule, as shown below.

As you can see, in addition to the time slots that Tailwind has already created, they give you additional time slots based on your Pins getting high engagement at that time (green slots).

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.48.02 AM.png

Gray timeslots indicate that Tailwind doesn’t have any data to support that this a high engagement time, so be sure to look for green timeslots!

The more green, the better!

2. Create your Board Lists

To find Board Lists on Tailwind, on the left hand navigation, go to Publisher > Board Lists.


With board lists, you can save groups of boards into custom lists so you can schedule to your most commonly used and high-engagement boards in one click.

THIS is another reason why Tailwind saves you so much time because you’re not sitting there manually scheduling to one board at a time. This feature allows you to bulk schedule your content to various boards at one time!

For my client The Cotton Collective, I’ve created Board Lists based on the category or topic she blogs about.


There are a mix of group boards (green) and her own boards (blue). So whenever she has a Photography Coaching blog out, I simply select the ‘Coaching Blog’ board list when I’m scheduling her Pins out and BAM, with one click it’s scheduled out to all 12 boards on that list.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re coming back to your Board Lists regularly to update them whenever you get accepted into a new group board or create a new board.

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3. Join Tailwind Tribes

To find Tailwind Tribes, on the left hand navigation, go to Tribes.


If you’re not familiar with Tailwind Tribes, you’re going to fall in love! Tailwind Tribes are niche communities that help you increase your content’s exposure.

They’re similar to group boards, but they have a factor of accountability that group boards don’t have and that is why they’re more effective that group boards.

In Tailwind Tribes, for every Pin you share to a tribe, you have to share one back.

And next to the name of each tribe you’re part of, it even keeps track of how many of your own Pins you’ve shared & how many other Pins you’ve Repinned so you don’t have to manually keep track of it yourself.


Also, those red notifications next to the each Tailwind Tribe indicate how many NEW reshares your own Pins have gotten in that Tribe since you’ve last entered the tribe. Amazing, right? 😍

Ok, so now let’s find you some high-engagement Tribes:

1. Click on ‘Find a Tribe’ at the top


2. Search a keyword related to your niche (let’s use business as an example)

3. You’ll start to see the tribes that have the highest engagement & reach first, then they tend to start to get smaller as you scroll further.


4. Before joining, I like to read the rules to see if they align with my brand & hit ‘Preview Tribe’ to see if there’s great content and to check out the Tribe analytics on the left hand side

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.17.31 PM.png

5. If there’s green button that says ‘Join’, it’s a public group & you can go ahead & join.

6. If there’s a blue button that says ‘Request’, this is a private group & you have to be accepted to join.

With the basic Tailwind Plus plan, you can only join 5 Tailwind Tribes.

So choose your tribes wisely and only join if the activity level is high & you see your content fitting in seamlessly.

Pro tip: only join Tailwind Tribes that are VERY niche and that you’ll find your target audience in. DON’T join Tailwind Tribes that “free for alls” and everyone in any niche can share to them. These tend to be dumping grounds and these general tribes can hurt you rather than help you.

So there you have it, these are the 3 things you must do in Tailwind to fully take advantage of the platform and get your Pinterest for business game on point.

Don’t forget to claim your FREE trial plus $15 OFF your first month!

Once you have these things in Tailwind set up, you have a solid foundation to start scheduling your amazing content & exploding your website traffic!

Still feeling like you need Tailwind support for Pinterest?

Check out my services to see how I can help!