How to Promote Your Business On Pinterest Without A Blog

Whether you’re just starting out in your business and don’t have a blog yet or you don’t plan to include a blog in your marketing strategy any time soon, you can still use Pinterest to promote your business!

In the long run though, in my opinion, I definitely think it’s going to benefit your business to use a content marketing strategy alongside a Pinterest marketing strategy. Crazy valuable content is QUEEN on Pinterest, since people go to Pinterest for inspiration and to learn something new!


The people that are on Pinterest crave free, useful content that helps them solve one of their pain points. (I mean, I know I’m always super grateful for content that helps me get my life together lol)

Butttt with that being said, the content you’re creating for now doesn’t necessarily have to be a blog. You can create videos, mini blogs on your Instagram, podcasts, lead magnets, webinars...and more!

So here are 4 alternative ways to promote your business RIGHT NOW on Pinterest when you don’t have a blog.


You're most likely creating content for Instagram at least weekly so let's leverage that! Use IFTT or Zapier to link your new Instagram posts to a Pinterest board on your profile. These third-party platforms will automatically post your Instagram posts to Pinterest and you don’t have to move a finger. ; )

You'd be surprised at how many people can find you through those pretty pictures and hashtags from your Instagram.

(Bonus tip: It’s helpful to include your hashtags in your caption if you’re using this automation method so Pinterest can automatically pull from the keywords in your Instagram post hashtags as well.)

And if you want to take your Instagram strategy up a notch, create specific Pins for your Instagram and link them to individual posts or your Instagram stories! This way you can drive intentional traffic to your Instagram.


If you don’t have a blog, you probably have some other kind of other free content, right? ( and if you don’t - you totally should!)

You know those beautiful lead magnets (freebies) you created? Create multiple Pins solely for your freebie and have it lead to a landing page so people can download it! Many email marketing platforms (or even your website host!) let you create simple, stand alone landing pages for the low.

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How about any other content you may be creating? Webinars, IGTV videos, Facebook lives, podcasts, facebook group posts? Use that same strategy and create multiple Pins that link to those!


Can you create Pins that make people want to click-through based on the existing pages that you have on your website?

Maybe you can have a Pin for each of your services/products to start increasing your brand awareness and get your name out there! Just make sure to be clear about what you're leading people to if the click over and give them a reason to click on it (Pin copy is key!)

Sidenote: Pinterest traffic is cold traffic so usually people will need to be warmed up to you first before they take action on your website. That’s why any kind of content marketing is key in warming up your audience!


Images with a lot of info like infographics get a ton of traction on Pinterest. The way to make long-form content on Pinterest work for you is to give people enough info to get them interested but not so much so they still want MORE ('cause the point is to get people clicking over to your website!)

So for example, if you’re a health coach, you can create an infographic with 3 benefits of working with a health coach and have that leading to your services page that goes into more depth on what they’re going to get out of working with you.

These Pins will serve as anchors on Pinterest to get people to your website!