How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest (+ a FREE Actionable Guide)

You know that building an email list is key to scaling your business, but are you tired of trying to do #allthethings and not seeing growth?

When I discovered Pinterest, I knew it was a freakin’ powerhouse but little did I know is that it would be me grow my email to over 1,000 email subscribers in a matter of months.

grow email list pinterest.png

That’s why I’m obsessed with teaching others to harness the magic of Pinterest to get their dream audience on their website and explode their email list like I did!

Keep reading to find out the 5 steps you’re going to want to take to use Pinterest for business and build an email list full with a loyal tribe of people that are love you and are ready to buy from you in the blink of an eye.

  1. Create high-value lead magnets

First things first, you need to have a way to hook your potential dream audience and get them excited to be on your email list.

Having only a newsletter sign up just doesn’t cut it anymore. You’ll get people on your email list with a newsletter sign up, but it’s not going to get you the quick growth you want.

That’s why I always recommend creating a crazy useful lead magnet as the first step, and making sure you make it cozy and welcoming since this is how people enter your funnel!

Keep in mind that your first freebie might not be THE ONE. You might have to create 2 or 3 to really hit the sweet spot for your audience to make that list explode (it wasn’t until I created my 3rd freebie for my blog that I was able to grow my email list by 700%)

The type of freebie that you need totally depends on what kind of business you have but here are some ideas:

  • Email challenge

  • Workbook

  • E-book

  • Printable

  • Resource library

  • Checklist

  • Product guide

  • Quiz

  • Coupon

  • Webinar

I go into more detail into what makes an irresistible freebie in my list growth with Pinterest freebie right here.

2. Choose an email service provider to deliver your freebie

I know this task seems daunting but trust me, it gets easier once you push yourself to do it.

I personally love ConvertKit because of how user-friendly it is, its segmenting features, and simplicity. They’re geared to help you GROW as an online business and I’m allll about it. I also didn’t want to have to switch platforms once my email list grew so starting with them sets me up for #success.

Hop on the ConvertKit train right here!


I tried MailChimp but it just wasn’t for me, but I do know some people who are on a budget and use it and it works for them. MailerLite is another good one to look into for the beginning stages.

3. Have your opt-in forms bold & shiny in multiple places on your website

Now that you have your lead magnet and you’ve got your email service provider (ESP) ready to deliver it, you want to make sure your lead magnet is super visible and easy to download through your website when people are landing on it from Pinterest!

Have you ever heard the Rule of 7? Well, it says that someone has to see something SEVEN times before noticing it and taking action.

Here are a few high-converting places that you want to advertise your lead magnet:

  • Top bar

  • Side bar

  • Fold over

  • In your blog posts (my fav because it gives people value before you try to get them on your list)

  • Pop up

It also helps to create a landing page solely for the lead magnet so you can send people directly to it! You can easily create a new page in your website builder (I use Squarespace because #simple) and just embed a form with your ESP (nothing fancy, it just has to live somewhere!)


4. Create multiple Pins for your lead magnet

Okay, now your systems are in place and you can start driving traffic to your website to promote your awesome lead magnet!

But don’t stop at only one Pin when trying to promote your lead magnet on Pinterest! The amazing thing about Pinterest is that you can and should be creating multiple Pins for the same landing page - especially for things that you’re trying to promote hardcore like lead magnets, paid products, webinars, etc.

Change the headlines up, use different images, make them different sizes and make sure to create new Pins regularly so you have fresh Pins to share without worrying about being spammy about re-sharing the same Pin over and over again.


5. Create value-driven content based around your lead magnet & share it on Pinterest

See, the thing with Pinterest traffic is that it’s cold traffic. People are coming to your website without knowing you so they have no idea how amazing you are and what value you can bring to them.

That’s why when you have an abundant amount of free, helpful content available to those people, you’re already warming them so they can get to know how great you are what you do (here’s where you can show off you’re an expert!)

That’s why people are more likely to opt-in to your lead magnet if there’s, for example, a blog post that either 1) expands more on your lead’s magnet’s topic or 2) focuses on one specific area that you covered in your lead magnet.

This is the perfect way to showcase your opt-in and focus on the value that you can bring to people!

Having landing pages for your lead magnets is great, but creating related content that directly aligns with your freebie is THE best way to warm up your tribe so they feel like they need to download what you have to offer.