5 Ways Pinterest Can Grow Your Business (For Free + on Autopilot)

Let’s face it - you’ve loved Pinterest ever since 2010 when you realized that you could create a beautiful visual collection of all your favorite things in one place.

As much as you’re obsessed with Pinning gluten-free recipes & bucket list travel destinations for your own life, you’ve also probably heard that Pinterest is amazinggg for business. 


But do you know exactly why it’s so beneficial for your biz to be on Pinterest? 

Is it because you can reshare pretty pictures? Nope.

Is it because you can connect with people in your niche? Not quite.

Or maybe it’s because you can spread your own content like wildfire? Yes…but there’s more! 🙌🏻

There are 4 main ways Pinterest can help you grow your business like yesterday gf (because who doesn’t want growth for free & on autopilot?!) 

If you’re sitting there like tell me more , let me break down the 4 ways below for ya!


The more people see your Pins, the more they’ll start to recognize your content and the easier it’ll be for them to recall your brand when it’s time to make a purchase.

People spend A LOT of time on Pinterest looking for ways to get inspired, learn something new and plan the next big thing in their lives. 💫

So when your brand is active on the platform and is pushing out consistent, useful and valuable content, your brand awareness and credibility goes through the roof!


You want everyone and their momma seeing your kickass website, blog posts, and videos, right? Pinterest is one of the best platforms for getting more traffic to your website.

For all of the accounts that I’ve worked on, Pinterest becomes their #1 (or #2) traffic referrer…surpassing everything else - even Google!!

I’ve seen people quadruple their website traffic after only a few months of implementing a Pinterest strategy. 

If that doesn’t make you want to get your Pinterest strategy on point so you can increase your online visibility and grow your business, then I’m not sure what will! 📌

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It’s simple: the more people you have landing on your website, the more of a chance that they’ll buy from you. Pinterest helps you get right in front of your target audience as they’re searching for exactly what you offer. 🎉

The crazy part is that Pinterest traffic is 3.8 times more likely to turn into a sale because they’re ready to buy.

That means people on Pinterest are ready for whatever you’re throwing at them and with the right amount of nurturing, they’ll turn into a paying customer in no time!


You keep hearing how important growing your email list is so imagine waking up to new subscribers every.single.day? 📈

Since you’re now getting an insane amount of traffic to your website, it’s only natural that people will want to stick around if you give them a reason to.

So how do you get them to stick around and sign up to be on your list?

Give them free info that’s going to help them or in other words, create a lead magnet!

With Pinterest, you can create Pins just for your lead magnets to entice your soulmate audience to join your community.

We all love free, high-value content so the more you serve your audience with value, the more likely they’ll become obsessed with you and want to keep hearing from you regularly.